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Realtors ask me all the time, "What is it exactly you do?"

In one sentence I say, "I do anything it takes to declutter a home to make it ready to see and sell." And my fees are very reasonable.

I downsize all the stuff, deal with it, work with home owners to get it gone by donation, packing up, junking it or putting it in storage. I stage the rooms with or without a stager of record. I stage using spacial sense and using what exists on site, not bringing in rentals or other items. I supply packing boxes, bubble, paper and catalog everything packed as to what's in the box, where's the box and what's marked on the box. I coordinate junk pickups and metal takers and charity takers. I shop vac and clean up a property myself as well as coordinate other cleaners as needed. I can book Storage Pods or dumpsters. I haul charity stuff by the carload. I destress the clients, keep them focused and on task. I can help coordinate movers and assist in a move or relocation downsize. I set up seniors in their new locations. I help coordinate and facilitate consignment sales and estate sales. I can assist in posting classifieds for sale of things clients want sold.

I get the realtor a clean slate so everyone else can do their job. Realtors call my work amazing and love my people skills. Make me your asset to nab listings and get things moving. After thirteen years and hundreds and hundreds of homes I have a few tricks up my sleeve. I am very human and sympatico. I am the right service at the right time.

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For realtors and clients who offer me repeat business I return referrals with preferred rates and leads.


More Answers for Realtors to solve their Cluttered, stressed Client problems ASAP!

In a nutshell I get homes decluttered, organized, packed and ready to list. Super fast - here are your answers so you can call me and get cooking with difficult, time consuming, pre-list challenges:

1) Client has lots of stuff everywhere. Looks bad. Answer: I work like a devil room to room to room and get things in boxes with detailed notes and out of sight. The boxes can go on site or off. I do both. It can be tchotchkes to family photos. I bubble and paper and box.

2) Client needs things moved to storage. Answer: I arrange movers big and small and coordinate. If they need storage locations I help coordinate everything including a lock.

3) Client needs to pack things in a POD. Answer: I can arrange the POD and help to pack if they need it.

4) Client says they'll do everything themselves and don't want to pay for help. But come the time to list nothing is done. Common. Answer: Realtor can offer a few hours of my time. It always, always, always greases the wheels. I offer packages. I AM AFFORDABLE.

5) Client is not in my location. What areas do you serve? Answer: I work western GTA: Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Milton, Georgetown, Hamilton, Waterdown, Ancaster, give me a day's work (6 hours) and I will work Whitby, North York, and up to an hour's drive in any direction from Oakville.

6) Client has things they want to sell. Answer I can consult and offer thoughts on local avenues such as estate sellers, consignment - even classifieds. I offer an hourly fee to help or accepable percentage of final sale.

7) Client has heaps to donate. Answer: I have heaps of contacts from Home Suite Hope to Acts of Kindness to lists of folks in need. Let me coordinate. No charge for items donated as a result of a session booked.

8) Client has heapsof junk to get gone - real junk. Answer: I coordinate junk pickups and make sure property is safe. Costs vary by amount and items. I also coordinate metal pickups which can often be free. I can also coordinate a bin to drop in driveway and fill with trash. Costs vary by amount hauled and bin size.

9) Client just needs help packing, is a senior or has no one else. Answer: I bring all packing materials and love helping pack. Some movers require they be the packers for insurance purposes so I will ask what they allow to be packed.

10) Client is working via a Real Estate Lawyer. How do you handle it? Answer. I often work with lawyers to facilitate an estate declutter so they can sell faster.

11) Client has no funds to pay for services, do you defer fee until closing? Answer: No. Services payable upon receipt of invoice at conclusion of service or per day as arranged.

12) What qualifies you as an Organizer specializing in Decluttering and organizing for sale? Answer: Twelve years, full time and over seven hundred homes organized. Speaker and writer on the subject with a book pending, member and former director with Professional Organizers in Canada, superb interpersonal and people skills, project management skills honed from 15 years in corporate at Royal Bank of Canada and The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

13) How much for a consultation? Answer Free in Oakville, Otherwise $50.00 plus HST.

14) How much do you charge? Answer: $50.00 per hour plus hst. Prefer most sessions to be three hours or more to enable booking. Special preferred rates given to realtors who regularly use my services. (and seniors).

15) Where can Realtors read more about your services? Answer web site:, email at and, call or text any time 416-460-8098 or call at 905-469-0908 (no text). I am on Twitter, Facebook, Linked-In, YouTube.

Here is an overview of opions when decluttering your (or client's) home.


Decluttering a home for sale (or reclaiming space):
Reduce the pressure by focusing on getting the home ready to view, photograph and list versus needing to decide on every little thing. This means getting non essential items out of the viewing spaces which inhibit a sale. Less is more; family photos may be packed, décor items to reduce visible clutter etc. Create clean sight lines, open presentation walls and a sense of space and possibility. Pack up can't decide items now in 'don't know' boxes. Deal with them later pre-move but post sale in the closing period to give yourself more time and reduce pressure now.

1) Sorting and deciding on possessions:, IE: Stephen Ilott offers the essential service of guided help to sort and review all items, room by room, area by area with the client (doing all physical work) to pull out items to discuss, then to maintain focus to decide quickly on what to do with items and how to proceed. Work with owners to methodically identify, clean, remove, relocate or organize for better access use.

2) Sell: Consignment store options such as Millionaire's daughter in Oakville or 'It's a Steal' or FOC in Toronto furniture and décor offer 50% percentage sales. Estate sales firms and individuals are both in house and on line available and offer options. Antique, décor stores are also an avenue to sell but are particular on what they sell and buy. Stephen can source them for the client. Classified listings are a good but time consuming option: Kijiji and Craigslist being the most noted. I manage the postings and field all inquiries to find the best ans safest one for clients. A fee of 15% of final sale is asked to make up for time spent arranging the sale, including photography, writing the listing, posting on line, fielding inquiries and finding an appropriate buyer or $50.00 (one hour's time) whichever is the greater. Stephen Ilott can also tell you of the sales potential of items given the existing market or give you a name of a further expert in the field to offer information.

3) Donate: Stephen Ilott works with numerous charities to channel useful items to those in need including clothes, household items, décor, furniture, toys, books etc. A list of various charitites and contact may be found on the web site.

4) Give to family: Create a timeline to actually have family pick up items and make good on taking them. Stephen can pack up items for easier transport or shipping to family out of province. Shipping options abound from specialized shippers to Greyhound to Fed-Ex.

5) Keep & Pack Items for new home: Stephen can pack up many items for moving to new location. Boxes, bubble, paper, tape, pens etc. are supplied at cost. Can also arrange bin rental such as Frogbox if a distant move is in order.

6) Estate RE: Legal situations: Photograph, catalog for detail reference, pack: works with Real Estate lawyers (executors), divorce lawyers etc. to clear properties and ensure clear indication of what possessions are on site and what is designated for whom; photograph, catalog and pack up from the viewing spaces to sell the home effectively. Coordinate storage and any needed service.

7) Trash disposal: Coordinates trash disposal via junk removal companies such as Just Junk 1-800-got-junk. If needed arranges a dumpster for larger clearout. Often metal items can be offered up free to individuals who profit from metal as their living and pick up for free. Metal in old bar-b-q's, appliances, pots, pans, anything metal. This can be a money saving for the home owner.

8) Storage (Self) off site or in PODS (Portables): Arrange storage options at a facility near to new home location for items to be removed and for later consideration or disposal by family. Another storage option are trailers delivered to the home and packed up, then taken away for storage, then later delivered to new location for unpacking. Price varies depending on length of storage. This may require extra help to move and pack.

9) Staging homes: Stage the home for better viewing potential using what already exist on site. For more advanced Staging an associate can be referred to.

10) Relocation Services: Facilitate moves from a residence to a new location. Movers names offered, packing, unpacking at the new location and removal of materials. Organize homes to best effect to maximize storage spaces. can buy shelving and install them as well as other Organizational Solutions.

11) Materials delivery: Packing materials needed by client may be purchased such as quantities of boxes of various sizes and task shapes such as picture boxes, bubble wrap, paper wrap, tape, markers, tape guns etc. Materials at cost plus a delivery time charge of $50.00 plus hst.

12) Coordination: Coordinate trades on behalf of client as well as storage companies and movers.

13) Lectures: Speaking engagements for your groups; entertaining and very informative. The subjects range from organization to the psychology of clutter. Inquire as to lecture fees as situations, budgets and locales vary.

14) Remote guidance via email services . CLICK HERE.


1) I do not arrive with a large truck and haul away large furniture or appliance donations as a free service. I do not haul trash or metal for disposal. I arrange those services. Costs vary by contractor and service required.

2) I do not, as a rule, make special delivery pick ups of client donation items. I am not a community living, non profit service. Rather I donate to those types of organizations the items resulting from booked sessions with clients. On occasion as a courtesy I pickup bags of clothes and donatables left on doorsteps as a special favor to my local clients and those of my preferred realtors.

3) I do not arrive in a truck and "Buy up" a house full of items and take them away.

Fees: $50.00 per hour plus hst. A special preferred realtor, frequent client or senior rate may be offered. Material at cost. Only time and materials used are charged for. Session lengths are discussed in advance. Payment is requested at end of each day's work, upon receipt of invoice. Payable to registered company "". No extras are added without prior approval of client.

Benefits to you: I am an affordable back up life service to call upon any time you feel overwhelmed. You don't have to be moving to use me. I am a one stop shop to coordinate your needs or your client needs.


I work with Home Owners and realtors to declutter homes and de-stress, and show you how to let go of the past to move ahead.

I help find better organizational and storage solutions for your space and stuff.

I coordinate needed services such as: Movers, Dumpsters, Trash Services, Organizers with specialties such as Office or Children, Stagers if needed to upgrade the home staging and presentation on a larger scale, coordinate finding companies who specialize in moving pool tables, pianos, exercise equipment etc.

I stage homes using what owners already have on hand for fast solutions and better use of spaces.

I ensure precious memories and items of value are not tossed away with the trash.

I coordinate the removal of unwanted possessions such as furniture.

I coordinate PODS and pack them up to carefully remove and relocate household items.

I supply packing materials and pack home owners - often in tandem with movers.

Special combined skills.

There is method to how I approach each individual. It works to move you ahead.


I am a permanent ally who you may write to and get . I offer a human voice of understanding & perspective when you feel overwhelmed and help calm your world.

You don't have to be moving to use my services. I am a one stop shop to coordinate your needs.

- I help declutter your home. I work with you to methodically choose better solutions for stuff you no longer need and find better organizational and storage solutions for the stuff you want to keep.I call it 'Domestic Archaeology'. I help you find the things long hidden away in the piles of trash, boxes, old furniture, etc. I keep you from being overwhelmed and stressed.

I donate vast amounts of stuff to charities for you at no charge if it is a result of our sessions together.

- If you have large amounts of trash that needs to go I coordinate bringing in Dumpsters and do the physical work to remove it from your life for a healthier home.


- If you have crawl spaces or attics you haven't accessed in decades don't you think it's time you did? Think of the air you breath each day. Go from ...this...

To this...

If you have furniture that needs to be sold I can recommend estate sales companies or consignment locations. If you simply want furniture and old appliances gone I coordiante takers who can use them. If it is junk I bring in the junk companies to give you options.

If you are selling your home: I work with your realtor, decorator, contractor, stager to coordinate making the process far more accessible and fluid to sell faster and for more money. If you need a POD to get things out of the home for later delivery to next location I can help as well as pack and bring helpers as needed.

Decluttering & Organizing of Home Spaces: (Rooms & storage areas) Decluttering years of emotionally charged possessions can be draining and hard to face. Suddenly we are faced with the guilt of letting go of things: gifts we don't want but were given to us, items owned by a family member no longer with us, things we paid good money for but need to let go because they have outlived their use, objects we'd like others to use and not just toss to landfill. I Work with home owners and small business owners to methodically identify, clean and remove clutter and 'out of use' possessions from their lives so they may enjoy clear spaces once more, downsize with ease or sell their home faster. I will remove these items myself to trash or donate to local charities, arrange pickup of trash by a disposal contractor or larger items such as furniture by persons in need at minimal cost. This may involve photographing items and postings to charities etc. so reasonable time must be allowed.

Regular free backup advice offered via email to help client maintain as a permanent service. I can call in backup such as other organizers and hands as needed but prefer to keep costs to a minimum. I am acutely aware of the need to keep costs low.

Design /Organizational: Establish what is being kept and where and offer proper design storage solutions. To install shelving etc. as needed. Should larger or more detailed installations be required I will recommend a suitable designer even extra Organizers with specific specialties for the work.

Those Home Owners Moving and now on the other end of a move. Who's there to help unpack and set up?

Extra special care for clients, especially seniors, for both this side of the move, to help unpack, relocate furniture, mount mirrors, paintings etc.

Home owner walk throughs: to delineate needful change to enhance sales potential. Suggestions include painting, repairs, color ideas reducing clutter, cleaning, odors etc.

Offer Staging Solutions: using items already in the home, changing ambiance by relocating lamps, furniture, artwork, decor items, etc. to show rooms to best effect. I can refer highly qualified stagers and decorators as well. (See more Professional Stagers here)


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Supply packing materials: facilitate move to help clients both pack and unpack boxes, bins and even trailers. I can coordinate with long term storage companies and pack trailers.


Gift certificate specials: for your clients, friends or family available. (Click Here)

Writing services: for your newsletters, Real Estate listings, speeches or promotional needs.

Lectures: Speaking engagements for your groups; entertaining and informative. The subjects range from Organization to the psychology of clutter. Some lectures require a fee or accept honorarium. Fees vary.

Bottom line - Get the work done. gets the work done, big or small. Superior people skills, affordable, timely. Use only what you need. Make part of your presentation to your clients, potential or listed. Fourth great year and over 600 home sessions done. Member Professional Organizers in Canada, Oakville Chamber of Commerce and proud active networker to bring you a ring of contacts to ramp up your profile.

Personalized one on one care to reclaim home spaces and move forward in life. Real Estate agents may purchase time as a gift for their clients to grease the wheels of movement or simply refer to me as part of their value added services. I welcome the opportunity to work with you.

Stephen ilott - Professional Organizer (POC)


Phone: 905.469.0908 / Cell: 416.460.8098


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