Upcoming Schedule Updated as often as possible.

Packages to Suit your Schedule and Life Consultations $50.00 flat charge plus hst. Hourly - $45.00 per hour. Three hour minimum. Book single session half days or whole days as needed. See booking availabilities below and alternate packages.) Preferred Special Client Rate applies to frequent users. (Offered to frequent use clients, Stagers, Decorators, Realtors)

Package #1: "Do it Together D.I.T." $125.00 plus hst. 3 hour introductory package. Get the process started sorting, room redesign and placement, packing, donating, coordination of trash, storage, selling assitance.

Package #2: Six hours: $250.00 plus hst. Materials extra. Great for pre-staging, home sellers, pre-reno home owners, storage prep.

Package #3: Team. $550.00 plus hst. Two organizers for six hours: Sorting, organizing, packing, decluttering, staging, donations. Includes donating of small items requested. Coordination of storage, trash/furniture removal and other serices needed. Extra services priced upon need and amount. Packing materials as needed extra.

Package #4: Large Projects: $6,500.00. plus hst. Month long projects or more are priced depending on project scope. Projects requiring full attention, planning and execution by Organizer. Projects of 20 days (160 hours) priced at $40.00 an hour rate. Materials and secondary services such as trash hauling, bins, or storage PODS extra.

Therapy for Your Home
silott@cogeco.ca, info@decluttering.ca, (416) 460.8098

March 2016


March is completely Booked up at present, including weekends,holidays and some evenings.

Email me at silott@cogeco.ca or info@decluttering.ca or text me at 416-460-8098 for response for updated moment to moment availability should an opening come up from a cancellation or reschedule.






April 2016

Please ask about updated booking info as this will begin to fill very soon.  

Tuesday April 1st Available
Wednesday April 2nd Availabe
Thursday April 3rd Available
Friday April 4th Available
Saturday April 5th Available
Sunday April 6th
Monday April 7th
Tuesday April 8th Available
Wednesday April 9th Available
Thursday April 10th
Friday April 11th

Saturday April 12th Available
Sunday April 13th Available
Monday April 14th Available
Tuesday April 15th Available
Wednesday April 16th Available
Thursday April 17th Available
Friday April 18th Available

Saturday April 19th Available
Sunday April 20th Available
Monday April 21st Available

Tuesday April 22nd Available
y April 23rd Available
Thursday April 24thAvailable
Friday April 25th Booked

Saturday April 26th Available
Sunday April 27th Available
Monday April 28th Available
Tuesday April 29th Available
y April 30th Available

May 2016


Saturday May 12th Available
Sunday May
13th Available
Monday May
14th Available
May 15th Available
Wednesday May 16th Available
Thursday May
17th Available
Friday May 18th Available

Saturday May 19th Available
Sunday May
20th Available
Monday May
21st Available
May 22nd Available
Wednesday May 23rd Available
Thursday May
24th Available
Friday May 25th Available

Saturday May 26th Booked
Sunday May
27th Available
Monday May
28st Available
May 29nd Available
Wednesday May 30th Available
Thursday May
31st Available

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