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Canada's Domestic Archaeologist / (416) 460-8098,

Do you need someone to coordinate Junk Removal? Call me. ( 416-460-8098,
  • Junk Pickup is a multi-pronged action: There may be need of a dumpster for large amounts of diverse items such as old furniture not donatable, boxes, building materials, appliances, frames, broken pots, moldy wood, metal etc. Or it may require coordinating a junk removal service to assess and pickup.
  • In either case sorting the trash from the treasures must be done first to prepare for pickup. We at all cost try to avoid landfill but it isn't always possible. Junk is junk and has to be dealt with. Costs vary. I know the best services available to recommend and coordinate on your behalf. See recommended services below with links.

Junk Removal Options

Dumpsters (They deliver to your driveway - you fill, they take)

  • Canadain Waste Management: 5425 Dixie Road, S-16, Mississauga, Ont. L4W-1E625 years in business, (905) 277-4646. Matthew Dean, (Bins) 5425 Dixie Rd, s-16, Mississauga, F- 905-277-5453,
  • Bin There: 561 Brant Street, Burlington, Ontario L7R 4K3: Speak with Barb, Tina, Henry or April. Good polite services, excellent bins.$550.00 deposit and $75.00 per ton on average. 6, 12, 18 and 30 sq Yard bins. (905) 634-0777. Or 905-679-1900 (Hamilton)
  • Bin There Dump That: Good franchise - smaller dumpsters: 905.823.8550.
Junk Removal services. (They come and pick up the junk)
  • The Moving Source: (Offers an array of efficient JUNK removal services for any size and need) Soon to be in new location in Milton: (905) 854-5837. Contact Matt Heroux or Trevor Harness: or CLICKJust Junk: 1 -800-586-5878 (efficient, takes charity items as part of job)
  • Junkaroo: (905) 627-5888 (Ancaster to Hamilton)1-800-Got-Junk: Oakville location
  • M.A.K.A. Junk Removal: Michael Smith, (416) 516-2662 (Good fellow, Toronto to Oakville)
  • 416-Recycle (416) 732-9253, (416) 878-7753 (Henerson Henry, Toronto to Oakville)
  • 1-800-Got Junk: Franchise Oakville location CLICK

Junk Drop Off locations. (You drop off your junk)

  • Make The Drop.Com. Here is a unique and wholly fabulous site created to show you where in your area you can drop toxic items for free. Use it if you love the environment. It's called 'Orange Drop' and is found at Make The Drop.Com.
  • Thompson Metals and Disposal: 961 Zelco Drive, Burlington Ontario L7L 4Y2 (905) 681-8832,
  • Halton Waste Management Site to find out your map region and pickup options here. CLICK
  • Waste Transfer: 735 Strathearne Ave, North, Hamilton, ON (905) 312-8855, Drop-off Hours: Mon – Fri, 7:00am – 6:00pm & Sat, 7:00am – 1:00pm (no Bar-B-Q tanks.)

Green recycling Suggestions & Locations. (You drop off your stuff to recycle) CLICK

Shredding Services

Shred-It: Oakville based (905)-855-2540 CLICK

More to follow (Suggestions welcomed)

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