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Remote Guidance Services

It is a difficult decision to open one's life to strangers. Many situations are combined with life issues; emotional loss, job loss, inability to cope with overwhelming personal accumulations etc.

You may feel vulnerable and shy about adding the stress of having someone in just yet. So a solution that many find helpful in the short term is to have guided help as a prelude or even replacement for a full series of in home sessions. As a Professional Organizer I have seen hundreds and hundreds of home situations and many havecommonalties that I am able to help get the clients off to a start and build their confidence until such time they can have an organizer visit.

Discussing the situation via email is a helpful start to moving forward. I offer written step by step advice and specific tasks aimed at specific areas a bit at a time. This allows the client to take the situation in hand, learn at a measured pace how to face the clutter and attend to a focused set of small tasks that with time amount to very large changes. I can be as easy as checking your e-mail each morning or afternoon - and can follow up with 15 minutes of focused, guided organizing.

You will receive an updated set of tasks and plan strategies each week via the email you request. You may send questions daily and request new tasks as you wish and need them.

Many clients start with an "all or nothing" mindset. It has to be perfect of it is painful to not see vast improvements and perfection in a tiny amount of time. Reality is a tough master. So learning how to achieve those changes in such a way as to make them part of your new normal is key.

What do you do?

Contact me. There are no obligations or contracts, no minimums or maximums.

My e-mail is My web site is the one you are presently on

If you would wish to speak by phone leave me a message by email telling when is the best time and then call me if that time works for both of us. (416) 460-8098.


The cost is a very special one. It is a preferred rate of $35.00 an hour plus hst. I accept payment via Paypal. You may look into opening an account with them if youhaven't already. I invoice only after a session.

You may live anywhere in the world to take advantage of this offer. I have guided and decluttered clients as far away as Great Britain to great effect and as close as Montreal.

The detailed emails you will receive will be personalized to your situation by me. I am known as a sympathetic, understanding, ally.

If you are within the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) and wish to include in your personal guidance plan an actual consultation to review the actual areas concerned then this is gladly arranged. This offers one full hour of review, advice and photos to begin the process. The rate is my normal consultation rate of $55.00. Normal rates apply for in home sessions - $49.00 for less than three hours, $49.00 an hour plus hst for three hours or more.

Get what you need. - or leave a message at (416) 460-8098


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