Therapy for Your Home

"He's Good, he's fast and he knows what he's doing!"

- Ron Sabourin - Royal LePage Real Estate - Toronto

Fee Rates

My Rate $45.00 plus hst. (Standard for most projects. Preferred rates for frequent use Realtors and Seniors. $40.00 per hour)

Coordination of other services: $45.00 / hr. plus hst. (unless preferred rate applies) May include as needed:

Movers recommend and coordinate large and small including small moves to consignment or storage units. $45.00 / hr. plus hst. Mover rate extra.

Storage Options: PODS and Bins: Arrange/pack PODS (Portable trailers) for household items, boxes to reduce clutter in home. These are removed, stored and later moved to new by POD company. $45.00 / hr. plus hst.

Trash/Metal Removal: Coordinate bagging for municipal removal or third party contractors or bins. I do the physical work and/or arrange help. I do not personally haul junk away. This is what the junk contractor will do. $45.00 / hr. plus hst.

Consignment sales: Coordinate relocation of items for sale to consignment. Recommend stores and coordinate process. $45.00 / hr. plus hst.

Large item donation removal: Coordinate furniture and/or appliance removal. Time may include photography, posting of classifieds and charity searches, fielding of calls, arranging takers or being on hand to act as go between to spare clients involvement. $45.00 / hr. plus hst.

Staging assistant: Assistance for Decorators and Stagers working under their banner IE: working as part of staging team under their company on the job: $35.00 an hour. (Home Prep, packing, setting up, hanging etc.) Many realtors have established Staging help. I do what many stagers do not have time for or wish taken care of beforehand.

Secondary Organizer Assistant rate to aid other Organizers $40.00/hr.

Home Consultation: $50.00 plus hst for one hour+ walk through and advice on decluttering, packing staging etc.

Corporate premises - $60.00 per hour.

Catalog Creation: Estate Sales, Real Estate Lawyer executors, Divorce situations. Includes photography and write up on per regular client hour basis. $45.00 per hour.

Materials Extra: boxes, bins, packing materials. A charge of $15.00 applies to picking up materials in bulk, shelving, packing materials etc.

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Services include:

Decluttering,organizing, sorting, packing, cataloging and photos for estate sales and real estate executors and lawyers, coordinating third party services such as trash, storage lockers, offices, warehouses, trailers sheds, donations, charity coordination.

Home Consultation: Includes walk through of property with detailed advice and suggestions on better presentation and staging. Recommended for real estate agents needing to convince clients to declutter, tidy, rearrange and stage - a much appreciated, visible support for clients. Realtors frequently offer this time to get clients started.

Corporate Premises and leased apartments/locations: I will declutter end of lease corporate premises of items including furniture no longer required and wished gone, moved to corporate warehouse facility or sold for charity - this includes kitchen appliances, dishes, couches, desks etc.
(includes creation of catalog of items, postings, physical coordination of move etc.)

Lectures & Workshops: Hugely popular. Prices vary - inquire. See web page at
Donation time for items taken away as a result of a session is free of charge to clients. A wide variety of charities and individuals in need benefit. Note I am personally not a charity and cannot pickup items for non clients (only clients I am working with) but refer individuals and realtor's clients to charities when items are brought to my attention.

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Consider a gift of my time for your clients to show visible TLC.

I look forward to working with you.
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